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​Production Services will be avaliable in the near future

Second Calling also provides, on a limited basis, event production services for Christian and faith based charitiable events. We do this as a means to help finacally support our ministry, therefore donations for services are suggested.  

Digital Sound production for small and medium size events.

Our lighting rig is state of the art and 100% LED lighting.*

Available rigging includes up to 35' box truss and 25' tri-truss, 2 13' lifts, 2- 11' lifts. 

Lighting equipment avaliable includes;

8 -108watt LED Parcans

39 - 105watt LED wash moving heads  (configured 15 for front wash, 24 back truss, 3 arrays of 8 each)

3 -108watt 4 light blinder panels, configured in 3 arrays each with an additional 4 - 30watt LED spots 

1 - 180watt LED Wash fixture, for center wash or backlighting

* We do have some conventional lighting that we occasionally bring in on larger productions, but most events are 100% LED